About Our Store


AMA is an Australian activewear label, founded in 2017 by Alli Maree.
Alli wanted to bring to the world affordable activewear that is up to date, trendy and challenged the 'norm' of the fitness industry.
Alli has spent the last two years trialling and testing materials and designs to make sure you are provided with quality activewear! 
No decisions are made light hearted so you can be sure that what your wearing is truly the best.


Our 2019 Nitr-A-Mine™ range will see the introduction of new styles and new quality focusing on three principles:
Stylish. Functional. Affordable.

"It’s not about being the fittest, it's about achieving a goal, and looking and feeling good in the process. Trust the process that is your fitness journey, and trust me when I say that what we are developing will keep you coming back every single time"